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WO-2014151358-A3: Anaerobic curable compositions patent, WO-2014154486-A1: Methods of controlling neonicotinoid resistant pests patent, WO-2014162072-A1: Device for performing ritual ablutions patent, WO-2014204047-A1: Foldable display device and method of controlling therefor patent, WO-2015004894-A1: Surface emitting laser and optical coherence tomography apparatus patent, WO-2015028551-A1: Device for powdered products patent, WO-2015031059-A1: Ph-sensitive peptides and their nanoparticles for drug delivery patent, WO-2015079131-A1: Assembly with guidance of an elongate thin lip in an elongate narrow slot and application to the assembling of an air guide on a nozzle patent, WO-2015094344-A1: Parallel Optical Thin Film Measurement System for Analyzing Multianalytes patent, WO-2015105906-A3: Dynamic tactile interface patent, WO-2015112781-A1: Container formed of a one-piece distortion printed thermoplastic substrate patent, WO-2015114215-A1: Authentication system and method for authenticating a user patent, WO-2015132798-A3: Method and system for consonant-vowel ratio modification for improving speech perception patent, WO-2015154000-A1: Active transport of charged molecules into, within, and/or from charged matrices patent, WO-2015188124-A3: Fluid filter cartridge, fluid filter arrangement, and method for servicing a fluid filter arrangement patent, WO-2015199802-A1: Stowable effector launch system patent, WO-2016013987-A1: Active rectifier for alternator patent, WO-2016060578-A1: Closure and sealing system for a container comprising an encapsulated sealing stopper associated with a container neck patent, WO-2016080938-A1: A multi-floor structure production method patent, WO-2016122553-A1: Microfluidic temperature control patent, WO-2016134235-A1: Sweat sensing devices with prioritized sweat data from a subset of sensors patent, WO-2016160491-A1: Method and system for automated brain tumor diagnosis using image classification patent, WO-2016186503-A1: Microfluidic device for in vitro 3d cell culture experimentation patent, WO-2016193693-A3: Medical connector with two valves patent, WO-2017039754-A1: A method and apparatus to minimize communication bandwidth consumption by gathering information from a healthcare consumer using context-based questions and progressively presenting information associated with a ranked list of suggested healthcare providers patent, WO-2017040153-A1: Systems and methods for behaviorally responsive signal detection and therapy delivery patent, WO-2017074329-A1: Mask with oral intake worn with protective suit or hood patent, WO-2017091139-A1: Arrangement for cutting paperboard sheets, and machine comprising said arrangement patent, WO-2017136319-A1: Rpb7 nucleic acid molecules to control insect pests patent, WO-2017151872-A1: Speaker systems for head-worn computer systems patent, WO-2017157996-A1: Context-aware security self-assessment patent, WO-2017161420-A1: A roller blind mounting system patent, WO-2017197461-A1: Baby bottle assembly patent, WO-8101242-A1: Method of enzymatic debridement patent, WO-8302486-A1: Tilt cab suspension system patent, WO-8303671-A1: Fever thermometer protector patent, WO-8601095-A1: Method for fabricating prosthesis material patent, WO-8807412-A1: A voltage converter patent, WO-8900742-A1: Erasable optical wallet-size data card patent, WO-8908751-A1: Liquid control apparatus patent, WO-9008498-A1: Rigid video endoscope with heat sterilizable sheath patent, WO-9009276-A1: Heat sealing machine patent, WO-9203535-A1: Recombinant bpi proteins, uses of bpi proteins, and methods of preparing same patent, WO-9218655-A1: Method for extraction of gold and silver from mineral raw material patent, WO-9319703-A1: Medial region deployment of radially self-expanding stents patent, WO-9422192-A1: Multi-neutral electrical busway patent, WO-9427075-A1: Pipe end coupling with circumferentially movable clamping jaws patent, WO-9535028-A1: An implement for automatically milking animals patent, WO-9604440-A1: Reinforcing bar for frp concrete patent, WO-9606946-A1: Biosensor for and method of electrogenerated chemiluminescent detection of nucleic acid adsorbed to a solid surface patent, WO-9615002-A1: A tread and a tyre including the tread patent, WO-9616371-A1: Method and structure for utilizing a dram array as second level cache memory patent, WO-9620450-A1: Low power filter coefficient adaptation circuit for digital adaptive filter patent, WO-9633406-A1: Difference gel electrophoresis using matched multiple dyes patent, WO-9703426-A3: Providing an alarm in response to a determination that a person may have suddenly experienced fear patent, WO-9711337-A1: Cell for ultrasonically measuring the rate of fluid flow patent, WO-9717146-A1: Method for decontamination of nuclear plant components patent, WO-9721200-A2: Hidden data transport electronic coupon system patent, WO-9735009-A1: Methods for recombinant microbial production of bpi-fusion proteins and bpi-derived peptides patent, WO-9818892-A3: Cleaning formulation for fabricated yarn products patent, WO-9844097-A2: Method for enhancing expression of a foreign or endogenous gene product in plants patent, WO-9857599-A3: Implantable valve for blood vessels patent, WO-9912545-A2: Medicaments containing acyclovir patent, WO-9929992-A1: Bistable hinge mechanism patent, WO-9934601-A2: System of sharing objects having a plurality of contents patent, WO-9943671-A1: Substituted aminomethyl isoxazoline derivatives useful as antimicrobials patent, WO-9946974-A1: Plant cultivation apparatus and method patent, WO-0013115-A1: Method and system for resource requirement planning and generating a production schedule using a uniform data model patent, WO-0013147-A1: System and method for combining multiple video streams patent, WO-0026396-A1: A method of recombination and agents useful for same patent, WO-0127793-A3: Indexing a network with agents patent, WO-0160346-A2: Nutritional formulation containing prebiotic substances patent, WO-0188148-A2: Isolated human kinase proteins, nucleic acid molecules encoding human kinase proteins, and uses thereof patent, WO-0195274-A1: Method for making secure the pre-initialising phase of a silicon chip integrated system, in particular a smart card and integrated system therefor patent, WO-0195585-A2: Message queue server system patent, WO-0195776-A1: Baths patent, WO-0216270-A1: Fluid treatment patent, WO-0230400-A1: Solid preparations patent, WO-0239300-A1: Method and apparatus for building and participating in virtual communities patent, WO-0240196-A3: Molding system with movable mold modules patent, WO-0244967-A1: Method and system for providing gene analysis information and authentication identification method patent, WO-02071689-A2: Method and system for assigning and binding a network address of a ballast patent, WO-02077304-A1: Heat dissipation member for electronic apparatus and method for producing the same patent, WO-02088897-A3: A system and method for managing a procedure in a blood component collection facility patent, WO-03000855-A3: Chimeric capsid proteins and uses thereof patent, WO-03036157-A1: Outdoors lighting device with picture imaging and projecting function patent, WO-03038124-A1: Use of cbg gene as genetic marker of hypercortisolemia and related pathologies patent, WO-03051508-A1: Advances in amination catalysis patent, WO-03063271-A1: Improved electrodes for alkali metal batteries patent, WO-03066523-A1: Silicon purifying method, slag for purifying silicon, and purified silicon patent, WO-03071030-A1: Papermachine belt patent, WO-03098204-A1: Method for producing a hybrid organic silicon field effect transistor structure patent, WO-2004003142-A3: Compositions and methods for restoring immune repertoire in patients with immunological defects related to autoimmunity and organ or hematopoietic stem cell transplantation patent, WO-2004031767-A2: Prevention of primary sjögren’s syndrome by ica69 deficiency patent, WO-2004035464-A3: Hydrogen fuel cell systems patent, WO-2004044098-A1: Extremely low acidity usy and homogeneous, amorphous silica-alumina hydrocracking catalyst and process patent, WO-2004089269-A3: Seating assembly for wheelchairs and strollers patent, WO-2004091406-A1: Transducer holder patent, WO-2004112994-A1: Improvements in or relating to a casting control method patent, WO-2005006632-A3: Method and apparatus for control channel scheduling in a packet data communication system patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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