Ink discharging device



PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To provide an ink discharging device which can easily increase the processing precision of an ink discharging section, and as well as reduce the variation in the amount of discharging ink droplets and the discharging angle or the like even when dust and dirt are mixed in the ink, and in addition, satisfy both of a high printing grade and a printing speed at a high level by preventing the feeding speed of the ink to the ink discharging section from decreasing. SOLUTION: This ink discharging device includes a plurality of heat releasing resistors 13 which are provided on a board member 11, an ink liquid chamber for pressurizing the ink by the heat generated by the heat releasing resistors 13, and a nozzle 17 having a discharging port for discharging the ink which has been pressurized in the ink liquid chamber. In the ink discharging device, a nozzle 17 is arranged above each of heating resistors 13, and at the same time, an opening face of the nozzle 17 on the heating resistor 13 side is made an ink flow-in port 17b, and the other opening face is made an ink discharging port 17a. Thus, the internal space of the nozzle 17 is made to work as the ink liquid chamber as well without separately independently forming the ink liquid chamber. Then, an ink circulating space section having a height H is formed by making a supporting member 14 have the height H. When a minimum opening length of the internal space of the nozzle 17 including the discharging port 17a and the ink flow-in port 17b is taken as Dmin, a relationship of H<Dmin/√2 is satisfied. COPYRIGHT: (C)2006,JPO&NCIPI
【課題】インクへの塵埃の混入を防止する。 【解決手段】基板部材11上に設けられた複数の発熱抵抗体13と、発熱抵抗体13で発生した熱によってインクを加圧するためのインク液室と、インク液室内で加圧されたインクを吐出するための吐出口を有するノズル17とを含むインク吐出装置において、各発熱抵抗体13の上部にノズル17を配置するとともに、ノズル17の発熱抵抗体13側の開口面をインク流入口17bとし、他方の開口面をインクの吐出口17aとすることにより、インク液室を別個独立に形成することなく、ノズル17の内部空間がインク液室を兼ねるようにし、支持部材14の高さがHであることにより高さHのインク流通空間部を形成し、吐出口17a及びインク流入口17bを含むノズル17の内部空間の最小開口長さをDmin としたときに、H<Dmin /√2の関係を満たすようにした。 【選択図】図1




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