Plasma display panel



【課題】色温度が上がり、輝度維持率が上昇しうるプラズマディスプレイパネルを提供する。 【解決手段】上側基板と下側基板との間に形成され、それぞれ赤色、緑色、青色の蛍光体層が形成されている赤色、緑色、青色のサブピクセル114R、114G、114Bを限定する隔壁と、サブピクセルにそれぞれ対応するように配置された上側放電電極131および下側放電電極132と、赤色、緑色、青色のサブピクセルのうち最大発光輝度の最も低い色のサブピクセルと同じ色のサブピクセル114B’をさらに一つ備えて、最大発光輝度の最も低い色の2個のサブピクセル114B、114B’に輝度及び寿命の特性が相異なる蛍光体層を備え、合計4個のサブピクセルにより単位ピクセルを構成したプラズマディスプレイパネル。 【選択図】図5
PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To provide a plasma display panel capable of increasing a luminance maintenance factor with raised color temperature. SOLUTION: This plasma display panel is provided with barrier ribs for limiting red, green and blue sub-pixels 114R, 114G and 114B formed between an upper substrate and a lower substrate and having red, green and blue phosphor layers formed therein, respectively; and upper discharge electrodes 131 and lower discharge electrodes 132, arranged so as to respectively correspond to the sub-pixels. In the plasma display panel, each unit pixel is provided with a total of four sub-pixels by further providing another sub-pixel 114B', having the same color as that of the sub-pixel having a color that is lowest in the maximum emission luminance out of the red, green and blue sub-pixels and by providing phosphor layers, having different luminance and life characteristics for two sub-pixels 114B and 114B' that have colors lowest in the highest emission luminance. COPYRIGHT: (C)2006,JPO&NCIPI




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