Centering device of hybrid lens, and method and apparatus for manufacturing hybrid lens



PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To provide the centering device of a hybrid lens capable of accurately positioning a glass lens with respect to a mold. SOLUTION: This hybrid lens manufacturing apparatus 1 is equipped with the centering device having a cylindrical upper support member 23, a cylindrical lower support member 24 and an ultrasonic vibration part 40. The upper and lower support members 23 and 24 are arranged coaxially with respect to a mold core 52 in mutually opposed relationship and the glass lens 60 is held between the support members 23 and 24. The upper and lower support members 23 and 24 are rotated synchronously by a rotary drive part 30. The ultrasonic vibration part 40 is constituted so as to drive a plurality of vibrators 41 arranged to a mold main body 51 by an oscillator 42 to produce ultrasonic vibration. The glass lens 60 is held between the upper and lower support members 23 and 24 and receives the transmission of ultrasonic vibration through the lower support member 24 while it is rotated to be subjected to centering with respect to the mold core 52. COPYRIGHT: (C)2006,JPO&NCIPI
【課題】 ガラスレンズを金型に対して正確に位置決めできるハイブリッドレンズの芯出し装置を提供する。 【解決手段】 ハイブリッドレンズ製造装置1は、円筒状の上側支持部材23、円筒状の下側支持部材24、超音波振動部40を有する芯出し装置を備える。上側及び下側支持部材23,24は、金型コア52と共軸に互いに対向して配置され、ガラスレンズ60をその間で挟持する。上側及び下側支持部材23,24は、回転駆動部30により同期して回転される。超音波振動部40は、発振器42により金型本体51に配置された複数の振動子41を駆動して超音波振動を発生する。ガラスレンズ60は、上側及び下側支持部材23,24により挟持され、回転されつつ、下側支持部材24を介して超音波振動を伝達されて、金型コア52に対して芯出しされる。 【選択図】 図1




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